Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Royal Mail boss is demanding some positive action to have more women on company boards

The Independent and other newspapers have today run reports about the Canadian born Chief Executive of Royal Mail Moya Greene demanding that there is tougher action to get talented women to the top of businesses.

She had been speaking at a London event to launch 25 by 25 which is an initiative led by excecutive search firm Egon Zehnder

The objective of the 25 by 25 is to help companies develop their female talent and achieve 25 female CEOs in the FTSE 100 by 2025.

The company had issued a press release earlier this month saying that "More than 20 percent of directors on large European company boards are women, a significant increase from 15.6 percent just two years ago and a jump from 8 percent in 2004. These are the findings of the 2014 Egon Zehnder European Board Diversity Analysis, which examined board diversity at more than 350 companies with market capitalizations in excess of €4 billion across 17 European countries. Egon Zehnder has released this report biennially since 2004"

According to The Independent, Moya Greene said: “One of the most important things to do is to help women take ownership of their ambition and aspirations. It’s still disappointing when you see how young women view their ambition – and how others view that ambition.To be a CEO it’s really hard work and you really have to want to do it. For women, even in 2014, that can be a problem"
Childcare -  Ms Greene went on to say that one of the big problems in the UK was the quality of childcare, she said, which was not as good as in places such as Sweden or her home country, Canada. British companies could do more to help with childcare – Royal Mail had its own crèche.

Miranda Pode, Egon Zehnder’s office leader in London is behind the 25 by 25 goal, said companies today had a great opportunity to find and develop great leaders for the future without needing to look outside the UK.

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