Friday, 31 October 2014

Women at Board Level

On the 22nd October on this blog we ran a piece on "Royal Mail boss is demanding some positive action to have more women on company boards" (See it Here)

This was about the  Chief Executive of Royal Mail Moya Greene demanding that there is tougher action to get talented women to the top of businesses.

Equality and Human Rights Commission E-News that was sent to us a couple of days had a headline "Commission news: Women on boards "

They are saying that Top companies to highlight good practice in increasing the number of women at board level - The Commission will survey the top FTSE 350 companies to find out about the best ways to reach, or exceed, the voluntary target of 25% representation of women at board level. 

Over the next two months we will collect evidence of how board appointments have been made, to identify good practice in increasing board diversity and see where there is room to do more.

As well as the survey being sent to the FTSE companies, the Commission will also seek evidence from search companies, and successful candidates who have recently been appointed. More Here

When we have further information will bring you up to date, but in the meantime  If your organisation is looking for Diversity & Inclusion Training then take a look at the specialist jml Training website here  

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