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Dealing with difficult people

Dealing with difficult people a course for managing staff in from jml Training and Consultancy

Difficult people exist in all walks of life; they can be people with behaviour or attitude problems, time wasters or people who do not like to change. It is useful to learn techniques and strategies to help you deal withem confidently. "Dealing with Difficult People"

jml training are offering their "Dealing with Difficult People Programme to managers of private and public sectors in the UK. This programme is designed for all those who are managing staff; managing performance and delivering organisational change. It provides practical strategies and tools to help you confidently manage disagreement and confrontation in the workplace. It is beneficial for all levels of management but is most beneficial when delivered to managers on a similar level and will be tailored to meet their needs.

GrĂ¡inne Suter of jml Training said about the course "The course will offer the participants the opportunity to increase awareness of the need and benefits of dealing with difficult situations and people promptly and explore the role of interpersonal skills in difficult situations. Participants will learn to identify and manage the different positions people take when dealing with conflict and explore methods of managing conflict. They will be able to explore the importance of constructive feedback and develop the confidence and competence to deal with difficult people and conflict situations"

The course programme offers

Emotional Intelligence

  • Emotional Intelligence competencies for conflict management
  • Dealing with conflict - where am I on the conflict continuum?
  • Self-esteem and the management of difficult people

Self management

  • Transactional Analysis - a key approach when dealing with difficult people
  • The role of empathy when dealing with conflict
  • Recognising defensive strategies
  • Frames and filters - exercising choice to ensure a positive outcome
  • Changing the communication - changing the dynamic

Communication skills

  • Using effective behaviour styles
  • Listening…. is more than the words
  • Styles of managing conflict

Giving and receiving effective feedback

  • Practical techniques for giving effective feedback
  • Practice how to give specific and unambiguous feedback
  • Receiving feedback from others - peers, staff and managers

jml Training offers training programmes for organisations and companies in the public and corporate sector.

Each programme is relevant and immediately useful. Using a range of solutions jml trainers draw on their own experience, up to the minute research and their unique interactive methodologies. They will take the client's situation as their starting point by working closely with the client's team to understand the client's needs and to develop cost-effective solutions for success for the client.

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