Friday, 27 February 2009

jml Training and Consultancy is now an Organisational Member of The Association for Coaching

27th February 2009: More and more people are requiring coaching skills when they to apply for jobs .jml Training & Consultancy who have been offering coaching services for many years have recently become Organisational Members of The Association for Coaching.

jml Training and Consultancy have recently become Organisational Members the Association of Coaching.

The Association for Coaching was launched in 2002 with the objective of being the leading membership association for Professional Coaches and Organisations involved in Coaching or related Training and to enable individuals and businesses to develop, expand and achieve their goals.

Gráinne Suter of jml Training and Consultancy said ” We have been coaching individuals working for local Government, politicians, business executives for several years and jml Training Interview Coaching service is designed specifically to help you iron out any current interview concerns whether it be job progression or even entry to University. “

Gráinne went on to say “As a long established training company it is most important that our company is a member of a professional coaching association like the Association for Coaching and we will be able to develop further our coaching products.”

jml Training and Consultancy offers Executive Coaching for people seeking one to one coaching at different stages in their careers. Some people use coaching to help them address challenges in their work. Others because they feel they are not accomplishing all they are capable of, or wish to feel more confident in their work role.

As the company has been involved in a lot of Women’s Development Programmes for local Government, Coaching for Women has been part of the course. It is a particularly useful way for women to identify their particular development needs and increase their confidence.

jml Training and Consultancy uses a structured method to maximise the effectiveness of the coaching. It starts with an introductory session where you identify with the coach the areas you wish to explore. Expectations are clarified and goals and objectives are established. The coach will then work with you to analyse the current position on issues, generate options for change and develop an action plan.

With so many universities now holding difficult interviews prior to entry for specialist subjects and with the downturn of the economy more people are chasing fewer jobs than before. To assist applicants jml training and consultancy has developed an Interview Coaching service specifically designed for a first job, students interviewing for university places or career move or change of job. The two hour, one to one coaching session will be designed specifically to help the applicant iron out any current interview concerns and enable them to make a strong impression at an interview

Company Information:
jml Training and Consultancy is a specialist training company offering "in-house" training courses to Local Government. Universities, Councils and Companies - both small & multi-national. It has been established over ten years and apart from providing training services in the UK, its' trainers also train in France, Ireland & worldwide.
The specialist areas include Training development for women, Diversity and Inclusion, customer service training, Diagnostic Assessment, Leadership, Coaching and Team building and Management Development Programmes more information at