Monday, 6 August 2012

Professional and Personal Development Training

We are now entering week two of the 2012 Olympic Games. In another weeks time this great event will be finally over and people will be focusing on their own Professional and Personal Development Training.

At  jml Training and Consultancy we are fully aware that "Top sportsmen and women recognise the need to keep their skills finely tuned through training and coaching. In business the same principle applies."

We developed a page on our website to illustrate that "Managers, who keep their skills up to date and monitor their progress, are the ones who get ahead".

A selection of in house training courses that we offer are included in this catergory including:

Leadership Skills and Team Building
Training and Coaching Skills
Effective Communication Skills
Assertiveness Skills
Customer Service
Stress Management 
Time Management
Interviewing Skills
Managing Difficult People
Diversity Management
Appraisal Skills ......& a lot more.....

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In the meantime enjoy the final days of London 2012, There has never been a better time to invest in your organisation's future than investing in training now.