Sunday, 19 April 2009

Change Management Services from jml Training and Consultancy

In an ever changing landscape, it is crucial that organisations are able to adapt and respond to the challenges put in front of them.

Organisations most likely to survive and thrive in the modern environment are those that are able to identify and respond quickly to the need for change, thereby increasing their competitive edge and taking advantage of the opportunities for success.

However, the various skills, processes and competencies required to implement change management are often not part of the organisation's core business competencies and with successful change being dependant on expert implementation, many organisations look to outside consultancies for help

jml Training offer two key services to help your organisation with successful change management:

Change Management Consultancy - Provision of Change Management Consultants to work with your team to identify change requirements and develop & implement strategies for change

Change Management Training and Coaching - Provision of training programmes to enable your management team and staff to become more successful change managers in the longer-term

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Friday, 10 April 2009

jml Training and Consultancy Recommends First Class Customer Service Training

As a result of the worldwide economic downturn it is even more important that businesses maintain a very high standard of customer service care. If customers are not being looked after properly, they will be lost, whereas with proper customer service there will be repeat business.
Philip Suter of jml Training and Consultancy said, "Last week I had to sort out a problem with some audio visual equipment we use as part of our training programmes. I had to visit two retailers; one a large UK electrical retailer and the other a company selling own brand Japanese merchandise.

In both of these establishments I experienced a very high calibre of customer service, with the sales assistants spending a lot of time trying to solve my problem and not pushing for a new sale. The end result was that I returned to one of the two retailers a day later to buy a new product and again because of some technical problems setting it up, the sales assistant spent plenty of time to explain how to connect it up and make it work as it should."

In both cases these companies had trained their staff well. It means customers will return again and again. However the market is getting much tougher and in many cases there will be no second chance.

jml Training and Consultancy have designed in-house Customer Service Courses

Providing Excellence in Customer Service - that will cover:

Top down approach to customer service
Attitudes to service delivery
Motivating staff to give good customer service
Backroom tasks that improve service to the customer
Organisational systems and procedures to support Customer Service

Communicating with Your Customers - This will develop the essential communication skills necessary for success and covers:
Self-awareness and the impact of behaviour on others
Roles, relationships and communication
Creating a positive impression - using an appropriate behaviour style
Assertive verbal skills for dealing with difficult situations
Using active listening skills
Providing good service in anybody's language
As there are so many people now reliant on using the phone to solve a problem with a product or service, then the correct telephone manner is essential.

The jml Training Improving Telephone Skills in house course will cover:

Initial impressions and building rapport
Effective voice skills
Asking the right questions
Listening for tone
Practical telephone techniques

Philip Suter said "Our training courses are in fact tailor made for an individual client's requirements and if companies are making some employees redundant then the remaining ones have to work very efficiently and keep their customers satisfied and one way to ensure this is by proper customer service training."