Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Effective Leadership Training Reminder

Effective Leadership in any organisation is vitally important in today's working environment.

The CIPD has issued a press release today -
"Effective leadership key to successful business, highlights learning and development event"

The dynamic behaviours needed to secure capable, inspiring leaders for the future will be showcased at this year's Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) learning and development event, HRD 2012. With the recovery of the UK economy in part reliant on the growth of small and medium sized organisations, good quality, innovative leadership has never been more valuable.

The conference will offer delegates practical, best practice guidance and techniques for development in their organisations, along with the latest insights into leadership development. Expert speakers will include: British Gas, Cancer Research UK, ASDA, Mars Inc, Tesco, The Army, and Mercedes-Benz, among others.

Highlight sessions include:

• C2: Identifying and Improving your Leadership Capability and Capacity: Elizabeth Sideris, Executive Director of HR, Cancer Research UK, will explain how the organisation is better placed to be more effective in identifying and building a pipeline of emerging leaders. By focussing on individual assessment and leadership profiling they have developed a successful emerging leaders group.

• H2: Developing Leaders who are Fit for the Future: Becky Ivers, Director of OD at Premier Foods, will demonstrate its approach to development as a business investment rather than a cost, using a robust measurement of ROI. She will also highlight the importance of designing leadership development based on need and with interventions at the right level.

Vanessa Robinson, Head of HR Practice Development, CIPD, says: "Leadership is a constantly evolving discipline, which has a number of different areas for development. Some industries may place greater value on certain behaviours than others, with certain organisational cultures requiring different guidance and leadership. What is apparent across the board is the need for an agile, future focussed, skilled workforce, fit for the business today and with the capabilities the business will need tomorrow. Developing the right leadership at the top is the best way to ensure the right environment for sustainable organisation success."  (Source CIPD)

jml Training's Leadership and Management Development Programmes run over a period of several months,working with groups of participants to develop their potential as star managers. There is a  combination of training, coaching and feedback helps each participant identify a highly effective, personal management style. They learn new techniques, skills and strategies and most importantly, how to make them work in practice.

Now is the time to plan your training for the rest of the year and a successful business organisation in the private or public sector must have excellent leaders and when many employers have been cutting their staff it is so important that the workforce is properly managed so the organisation remains profitable.

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