Friday, 24 July 2009

There has never been a better time to invest in your organisation's future than investing in Training Now

The UK is in recession, however business and local Government has to be as efficient as possible at a time like this.

Recessions and downturns in the economy do not last forever and apart from building up a company, University or Government (local or national) department for the future they must also continue their training and development of staff for the present.

Staff have to be motivated and careers paths must be followed. When economies have to be made organisations look at their major expendiure. Some of these expenses like rent and rates can't be cut, however if your business is about to have a rent review, it is probably worthwhile negotiating the rental. There will probably not be a queue of people waiting to take over your premises.

You might decide to freeze salaries, however you still have to attract customers and although you might reduce your advertising budget, you must still continue to advertise as otherwise you won't maintain your customer base.

If you cut back on your management training you will not provide your customers with good service and in the long run will loose business.

You need to keep investing in training, planning for the future and ensuring your staff produce the results at the present time.

"There has never been a better time to invest in your organisation's future than investing in Training Now".

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Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Great Success for the BCC Riviera Summer Party

The BCC Riviera had a great summer party on Saturday 27th June. The event was held at the Royal Beach in Antibes which is a great restaurant offering good quality Italian food just on the water’s edge.
The music was great, however the local Antibes Police did pop in at around 11 pm, instructing the party goers to reduce the decibels a bit.

Around a hundred 'international minds' with bodies dressed entirely in white - representing over 10 nationalities - enjoyed a non-stop flow of great food, drinks, dancing and conversation.
An important part of the evening was also a successful and fun charity draw which raised 800 euros for Association Rêves. It is a soul-touching cause, exemplified by our own donation which is ear-marked to help realize the dream of an eight year old boy from Cannes who has a terminal illness. So in a way we helped maintain a balance between the important realities of life and the need to fully enjoy that same life.

Mission accomplished, the BCC Riviera goes into a summer break and returns in September! All pictures of the Summer party can be found on and jml Property Services are members of the BCC Riviera. The organisation is constantly looking for new members in the business community in the south of France. They have monthly meetings and our website has devoted a page to this organisation. Although original called the "British Chamber of Commerce" as there more and more "international" members (including the French of course) it is now the BCC Riviera.

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