Saturday, 30 April 2011

Business Management Training in France from jml Training

jml Training is now increasing it’s coverage of Business Management training for companies in France and other European countries with the additional service of the training being delivered in French and other languages.

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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Unemployment figures bring further good economic news so carry on training your staff

The CIPD has just issued a Press Release following the official labour market statistics published earlier today by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) on the 13th April 2011.

Unemployment figures bring further good economic news - but jobs outlook remains uncertain, says CIPD - Dr John Philpott, Chief Economic Adviser at the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) commented below:

"It's clearly good news week for the UK economy. The inflation rate is down, unemployment is down, and pay pressure is down. However, while the jobs figures are apparently signalling green for go, they reflect an improvement in the labour market at the turn of the year and don't tell us anything much about the road ahead. Indeed, the most up to date figures for vacancies and claimants of Jobseeker's Allowance suggest that labour market conditions softened again in the early spring and it remains likely that unemployment will start to rise again later this year.

"Especially welcome in today's figures is a substantial rise in the number of people working full-time, although this was still insufficient to prevent a further increase in the number of people working part-time who would prefer a full-time job.

"The easing in pay pressure suggests that fears of an inflationary pay-price spiral remain unwarranted. This may be bad news for workers who are suffering a big squeeze on real earnings but is very good news for interest rate setters at the Bank of England and for the wider economy."

Above info source CIPD

So it is good news that there is a substantial rise in people working full time. Regardless of course whether employees are working full time or part time they should still be properly trained to ensure they are working efficiently.

Money spent on training and development and coaching is essential to an organisation's growth. For information on jml's Training Service Click Here

Local Government Councillor Training and Development

Local Government elections in England take place on Thursday 5th May 2011. There will bound to be a lot of changes of councillors and jml Training and Consultancy can offer in-house traing services for these new representatives.

jml Training has a long and successful history of working with local government. We deliver bespoke training that is relevant, results oriented and cost-effective. Our trainers and coaches work with members from across the political spectrum and with officers, from junior to the most senior level. This experience enables us to deliver first class training and support across local government.

The aim of all our training with councillors is to increase their confidence, competence and personal effectiveness as a result of our training input.

We recognise that councillors have very busy and demanding lives and that training and development has got to be responsive to this. We have a flexible approach to workshop duration and timings, recognising that afternoons and evenings or Saturdays are most suitable for council members.

Training and support for council members
• New councillor induction training
• Facilitated workshops and team building for individual council groups
• Skills training courses and workshops
• Developing women leaders programme
• One to one coaching to address specific development needs identified in individual development plans

We provide a wide range of skills training:
• Organisational skills – planning, time and meeting management
• Enhancing communication skills including listening and interpersonal skills
• Developing influencing and negotiating skills
• Resolving conflict and personal safety skills
• Presentation, public speaking skills and media skills
• Equalities and diversity awareness
• Building positive working relationships with officers
• Overview and scrutiny skills
• Running successful surgeries
• Understanding Council finances

Our approach

Self-awareness - we aim to build a level of self-awareness and reflection into all our work to enhance the effectiveness of the training.
Practical Solutions - we try to ensure that positive action and change occur as a result of our input. We use concepts and strategies that operate in the real world - not just in handouts.
Communication - we believe that effective communication is a key issue underlying the success of any organisation and try to build an appreciation of this into all our work.

Our training style

Our aim through out all our training is to enable participants to feel empowered by the process. We hope the training is enjoyable, energising and empowering. Our training approach is highly interactive. We base our training on experiential learning and take into account personal learning styles when designing all our courses and programmes. We also believe that learning is most successful in a relaxed environment; our trainers are highly competent at creating a supportive learning environment that ensures attendance is worthwhile and an effective use of time.

Recent participants have said about us…

“Has had a real impact on how confident I feel dealing with issues”

“Feel so much more confident about how to influence my colleagues”

“Brought home the importance of thinking and planning my workload, and now I have the tools to do that!”

“Gained confidence and how to pace and deliver effectively”

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