Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Leadership Training workshop from jml Training

Leadership – it’s not always easy!

Have you seen situations that could have been handled more effectively?

Confusing action with purpose is not uncommon in organisations when people become immersed in a flurry of activity. Unfortunately it can have a negative impact on organisational performance as patterns of inefficient leadership behaviour become repetitive.


Give your managers time to

·       reflect on how they are currently leading their teams and

·       consider how their habitual assumptions and practices currently effecting their ability to work in different ways can be challenged.


We offer a number of Leadership Development workshops that we recommend to you: 

Ø  Developing the Thoughtful Leader – building relationships, trust and engagement using emotional intelligence

Ø  The Art of Communication – inspiring and motivating high performance

Ø  Understanding Your Organisational Culture –helping or hindering effective leadership and performance

Ø  Leading Empowerment – growing leadership at all levels to increase agility and effectiveness

Ø  The Art of Teamwork – tapping the benefits of collaboration within and between teams to achieve results

Ø  Building Sustainable Change – lead and engage people with on-going change and innovation.

We would be delighted to talk to you about your organisation’s development requirements and to explore how components of these workshops could be developed in line with those needs.

Who we are

jml Training Consultancy was established in 1987. We provide bespoke training, development programmes, coaching and consultancy for clients in the UK and overseas. Our consultants are highly experienced, work in the public and private sectors and have facilitated workshops and seminars and delivered highly successful training in many countries.

What we offer

We are skilled in designing and implementing distinctive, innovative and effective professional development. We adopt a work-based learning approach tacking skills based training to service provision issues.

We create the conditions in which participants feel able to share experience and understandings in order to develop awareness and understanding of alternative approaches and develop practical, workable solutions to common business/organisational issues and problems.

We seek to develop critical thinking – to think differently about different and possible outcomes.

We focus on embedding learning in the workplace.

Our services

·       Facilitation of Team Building and Team Development Workshops

·       Leadership Development Programmes

o   Emerging Leadership

o   Enhanced Leadership for Senior Managers

o   Women In Leadership

o   Inclusive Leadership (Building a Diverse Workforce)

·      Delivery of a range of Skills Based Courses, for example Developing Emotional Intelligence

·       Coaching

·       Diagnostic Assessment Tools

·       Diversity and Inclusion

For further information about the range of services we provide please do have a look at our website www.jml-training.com or call us on 01494 488787.
If you know of anyone who might be interested in hearing about our services, please do forward our details.