Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Dame Helen Mirren Becomes Scollar Patron

Dame Helen Mirren, internationally acclaimed actress and recent Academy Award winner, has joined Lord Petre, Lord Lieutenant of Essex, as The Scollar Trust’s new patron. The Scollar Trust is Scollar Associates’ parent company. Dame Helen and Lord Petre have both offered their support to Scollar Associates.

Dame Helen has pledged her patronage to help raise the profile of The Scollar Trust which was set up in 2002, to advance education by providing new learning opportunities for children, young people and adults who face difficulties gaining access to education.

Dame Helen said: “Many congratulations to The Scollar Trust on their achievements this year. I am proud to be a patron. This work is very important in its investment in the future of Great Britain. Let's help The Scollar Trust to go from strength to strength.”

Sandra Roberts, CEO of the Trust, said: “We are delighted that Dame Helen and Lord Petre have pledged their names to support our charity. Obviously, they both care a great deal about education. Their support will help raise the profile of our charity and generate funds to ensure that everybody gets the educational opportunities they deserve. We thank them for their generosity and support.”

Scollar Associates is a new company established in summer 2006. Scollar Associates is owned, as a subsidiary company, by The Scollar Trust which is a Social Enterprise Charity organisation. Scollar Associates is a company limited by shares. All of the shares are held by The Scollar Trust. Therefore, any funds generated by Scollar Associates can only be used by the Trust, in the fulfilment of the charity’s aims and not for profit or to generate dividends
for shareholders.

The Scollar Trust, as the parent company, has invested substantially in the development of Scollar Associates and is bringing all its expertise and financial acumen into play to ensure that Scollar Associates is an effective and efficient company.

Scollar Associates is managed by a very experienced Board of Directors comprised of: a senior executive, and educational, financial and Human Resources experts. The two founder Directors, Lorraine O’Reilly and Sandra Roberts, are also Associates, so they really do know the operation from top to bottom.

GrĂ¡inne Suter Director of jml Training & Consultancy is an Associate of Scollar Associates

Managerial Associates

Grainne is a highly experienced trainer delivering bespoke learning and development programmes. She has a track record of delivering highly successful training solutions, both nationally and internationally and has worked with a range of companies and authorities on organisational change initiatives.

Grainne has managed a county wide Health Promotion Team and co-ordinated many partnership projects addressing health and social care needs and is experienced in managing the practical difficulties that arise. She has also worked as an Associate Lecturer in the field of Health and Social Care with the Open University.

Having built up an extensive knowledge of equal opportunities in health and social care Grainne has worked on a range of strategic planning and policy development programmes. Much of her work has focussed on the incorporation of the equalities agenda into service provision. Her work includes the design, development and delivery of training in: company culture and change management; leadership development; communications; equal opportunities and diversity management and project management.

Grainne has a particular interest in leadership development and provide coaching to executive directors and senior management teams. She has provide in-house management development programmes at different levels in a range of organisations. She is ably to inspire and build confidence, whilst providing the tools and techniques that enable people to plan, communicate, develop and work in a more effective way.

In addition Grainne has trained and coached parliamentary candidates and party activists at all levels and delivered an accredited training for trainers programme. Grainne holds a joint honours degree in Psychology and Sociology, a Masters in Public and Social Administration and qualifications in management and counselling.

Areas of Expertise:

• Extensive training experience across international, private and public sector
• Design and delivery of organisational change programmes
• Management of partnership projects
• Development of a health care partnerships
• Public sector management development and improvement

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