Tuesday, 1 December 2009

jml Training now working with Housing Associations for Diversity Awareness Training

2nd December 2009 - A press release from jml Training has just been released entitled "jml Training Staff in Housing Associations on Diversity Awareness"

jml Training and Consultancy have recently added to their portfolio. We have developed a Leading Edge “Diversity and Inclusion” Training” programme for a large Housing Association in the south of England.

The present day nature of the role of Housing Associations is such that Diversity Awareness in delivering services to customers is of central importance. Both customers and staff come from diverse backgrounds, having a diversity of needs, unique to each. One size fits all will not do.

Housing Associations have not only a legal, but also a service-led and moral obligation to respond to the wide social diversity in contemporary Britain.

Diversity is the freedom to be equally valued for our differences, the freedom to come together to create something more than any one of us could have done alone. The jml Training programme explores the rich mix of people we deal with every day and the complexity of meeting such a diverse range of needs. We see diversity as a resource, not a problem.

Ensuring diversity stays as a key organisational priority and does not get squeezed by other demands and requirements is essential. To achieve this requires a style of training that ensures the right leadership for diversity, one that can challenge and change values, beliefs and organisational behaviours and develop positive action initiatives. We have rigorously trained experts in experiential culture change work, highly facilitative & interactive, delivering inspirational, enduring and effective results

Housing Associations provide services to some of the most vulnerable sections of the community. Housing Association households contain higher than average proportions of people who experience discrimination and other social disadvantages. It is possible that discrimination in the housing or job market may be one of the reasons why they need Housing Association accommodation.

The course is being presented by one of jml Training’s highly experienced consultant trainers Irene Clarke who has worked for a major international airline for a number of years. She provided “Leading Edge Corporate Training”, including Diversity & Inclusion, and Customer Service Excellence, both sides of the same coin; treating people as individuals, NOT “do as you would be done by”. Irene was a key team manager, pioneering, developing and leading the largest culture change programme in Europe for the company and is now providing this service for Housing Associations and other organisations from the jml Training client base.

Irene comments “It is fascinating to explore how this type of organization operates and provide them with tools & skills to carry out day to day interactions more effectively, professionally & with compassion. It is exciting to be part of a dynamic change programme that explores the various drivers to attitudinal response with tools to enable participants to choose & change, becoming response-able.

jml Training has been providing “in house” Diversity training since 1997. The company designs and delivers training programmes to local government, universities, councils and companies - both small & multi-national. Established ten years ago, it provides training services in the UK, France, Ireland & Worldwide.

The specialist areas include bespoke Leadership, Team Development, Executive Coaching, Management Development Programmes, Diagnostic Assessment, Diversity & Inclusion, and Customer Service Excellence. More information at http://www.jml-training.com/Diversity.htm

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