Thursday, 28 January 2010

Improve the efficiency of your business in 2010 with jml Training

We sent out a Press Release yesterday stating the importance of training in 2010. We are gearing this Press Release on “efficiency of business and how essential it is that a business is effective and the use of an experienced management training company like jml Training to maximize the potential of staff.”

Although the he UK is now officially out of recession it could dip back in again, so whatever type of business is run it cannot afford to relax for a minute.

Over the past year the jml Training team led by Gráinne Suter have carried various size training programmes for the private and public sector in the UK. They have undertaken several local Government contracts and provided services to Universities.

All these business realize that if you don’t train your workforce they will not keep up to date with present and new legislation or be able to deal with customers and perform well in the workplace.

Take a look at the Press Release in full by following this link