Friday, 21 May 2010

Employers who do not provide training being deserted by workers

Almost one in five workers left their job last year due to a lack of relevant training, a survey has found.

However nearly half of those quizzed said relevant training would help to compensate for not being offered a pay rise or promotion. Home Learning College, a vocational distance learning provider that carried out the survey among 3,000 British workers, says that a lack of training is endemic in British business.

It found almost two thirds of workers have never received financial help from their employer towards the cost of gaining a professionally recognised qualification and a further 37 per cent say their employer does not take any interest in developing their skills through internal or external training.

Dave Snow, academic director at Home Learning College, said employees should consider distance learning as a way to boost vocational qualifications among staff.

“It’s no secret that the recent recession and continuing economic uncertainty have had a negative effect on training budgets, as well as the ability to offer pay rises and promotions,” he said.

“These combined factors mean that a high proportion of employees will be looking to jump ship at the first opportunity. Rather than letting valuable team members slip through their fingers, employers should act now to strengthen staff relations by considering all available options.”

And the research found clear regional differences exist in the likelihood of an employee clearing their desk because they haven’t received appropriate training.

Almost a quarter of Londoners said they have left a previous job for this reason, in comparison to only 15 per cent of workers in the East Midlands.

Londoners were also found to be happier to be compensated with training in lieu of a pay rise than employees from any other region.

Source: TJ Online

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