Thursday, 19 August 2010

Promoting equality through transparency

"Equality Act 2010: The public sector Equality Duty: Promoting equality through transparency. A consultation"

19th August 2010 - The Equality Act 2010 received Royal Assent in April 2010. An important part of the Act is the public sector Equality Duty, which has a key role in ensuring that fairness is at the heart of public bodies’ work and that public services meet the needs of different groups. The Act also gives ministers the power to impose specific duties, which are legal requirements designed to help public bodies meet their obligations under the public sector Equality Duty.

This consultation seeks your views on our proposals for draft regulations for the specific duties and the list of public bodies that will be subject to the general and specific duties.

This consultation will be of interest to:
•public bodies;
•those monitoring the performance of public bodies;
•others who perform public functions; and
•organisations that are interested in how public services can eliminate discrimination, advance equality and foster good relations.
Comments from other interested parties are also welcome.

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