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Overview of new workplace legislation, with Equality Act up-date

Overview of new workplace legislation, with Equality Act up-date in the spotlight at CIPD Law on Tour workshops - 2nd September 2010

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development's (CIPD) Law on Tour is a series of highly informative, practical workshops examining the important changes brought about in forthcoming legislation and essential case law, particularly in the spotlight is the Equality Act 2010 and what this means for organisations. As well as reviewing the basics of discrimination to give real context to the Act's provisions.

The Tour offers 12 separate workshops between the 5 and 22 October. It is run by leading employment law experts who will offer guidance on the latest changes in employment law, with a particular focus on:

• the Equality Act 2010
• a discrimination law refresher
• new and forthcoming legislation
• an essential case-law round-up
• the coalition Government and what it means for employment law

New and forthcoming law to include:

• Agency Workers Regulations 2010
• additional Paternity Leave Regulations 2010
• the Default Retirement Age
• information and consultation

Mike Emmott, Employee Relations Adviser at CIPD says: "The Equality Act brings together separate pieces of legislation into one single Act, simplifying the law and strengthening it to help tackle issues associated with discrimination and inequality in the workplace. It's crucial for HR professionals to be up to speed with legal developments relating to Equality and other relevant legislative commitments, in order to guide and protect their employers and employees. They need to be confident that their work practices are sound and reflect the latest changes in the law."

Format - Leading employment law experts facilitate the workshops, which include group discussions, case studies and clear presentations. Supporting documentation is also provided to ensure that complex legal issues around employment are explored and communicated effectively.

Dates & Location - The Law on Tour workshops will take place at the following locations:

• Edinburgh: 5 October 2010
• Manchester: 6 October 2010
• Birmingham: 7 October 2010
• Bristol: 8 October 2010
• Leeds: 12 October 2010
• Nottingham: 13 October 2010
• Cambridge: 14 October 2010
• London: 15 October 2010
• Cardiff: 19 October 2010
• Oxford 20 October 2010
• London: 21 October 2010
• Southampton: 22 October 2010

Source: CIPD

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