Monday, 7 March 2011

Investing in High Performing Managers with jml Training

"If organisations don't invest in developing high-performing managers, they
may find better managed competitors racing past on the road to recovery…." CIPD 2011 1st Quarter Survey

To deliver the services that people expect, in the face of a challenge to do more with less, managers need to be skilled at increasing employee engagement and improving performance.

Middle managers are the powerhouse of any organisation or business. They need to be skilled in developing, motivating, and securing a high level of performance from all their employees in a changing environment.

The jml Training management development programme recognises that middle managers are the conduit between the senior strategic team and the front line services. It is designed to develop in managers a robust and pro-active approach to change; highly effective influencing and communication skills; the ability to focus on the things that matter and to get things done.

The programme strongly emphasis:

Close involvement with senior managers to ensure the content is integrated to organisational priorities.
Managers and participants agree personal development goals prior to the programme and review on completion.
'On-the-job' opportunities to practice new skills and techniques.
Application of a range of practical techniques and tools that the participants can immediately apply in their work situations.
A strong focus on delivery, producing results and customer service.

Programme content in four modules

Effective communication, influencing and relationship management
Management/leadership skills to develop high performing teams
Developing skills of personal effectiveness - planning, prioritising, delegating and productivity
Leading and delivering successful change - including behavioural change, team learning and collaboration.
The four modules are best run over a period of four/five months, allowing time for application of learning back in their workplace.

As with all jml Training, the material and the practical exercises will be adapted to meet the needs of your organisation very precisely. Additional modules can be added to the programme.

Guided learning

The participants will develop a Personal Portfolio of course materials, references, group work check lists and their own notes and personal action plans. The results of group work exercises will be typed up and circulated to participants where appropriate.

All participants will be provided with extensive Reading Lists to support their learning and they will be encouraged to reflect on their practice and application of new learning and experiences using Learning Diaries. The participants will leave with a Management Toolkit to use and share with their teams.

Impact on work practice - Each session will end with an Action Planning activity related to work practice.

Working with difference - Individual coaching and the use of diagnostic assessments, for example, Myers Briggs or Firo B instruments can be included in the programme if required.

Programme outcomes

Confident and self-aware managers prepared to lead and manage
Greater collaboration and consistency of message between levels of management and across departments or directorates.

Where does your organisation go from here to start this programme of "in house" training modules?


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