Thursday, 21 July 2011

Job seekers are not prepared for interviews – coaching would help

A report in HR Review earlier this week focused on the fact that the majority of job seekers were ill equipped for an interview. This followed on from the REC’s Institute of Recruitment Professionals recently highlighting some of the feedback from recruiters confirming this fact.

There are some quite amazing stories which include:

Mobile phone use: One candidate left his mobile on and it rang and he had a chat with a friend in the middle of the interview, another asked for a minute to check his emails!

What to wear: Many candidates are too casual in what they wear for an interview.

Know what is in your CV: Candidates do not always remember the information they have submitted in their CV’s.

Drinking before the interview: Another amazing revelation was that some candidates were turning up drunk, or suffering the after effects of the night before.

Preparation for the interview: Many candidates know nothing or hardly anything about the organization they want to work for.

It is vitally important that a candidate for a job interview or entrance interview for higher education – University – College has some interview coaching. jml Training and Consultancy provide an “Interview Coaching“ service

jml Training can help a candidate develop the poise and confidence to present their skills, experience and personality in the best light.

The two hour one to one coaching session will be designed specifically to help them iron out any current interview concerns and enable them to make a strong impression at an interview.

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