Friday, 30 September 2011

Sex and Power 2011 report launched

The Equality and Human Rights Commission have just sent out their monthly e-newsletter. One of the topics is the Sex and Power 2011 report.

In response to the Prime Minister's call for more women to sit on the boards of Britain's biggest companies, the EHR Sex and Power report revealed that more than 5,400 women are missing from Britain's 26,000 most powerful posts as they are still being passed over for top jobs.

"The progress of women to positions of authority in Britain has been tortuously slow. This year’s Sex and Power Report an index of women in positions of power and influence shows a trend which is not abating; while women make progress in some sectors, that progress regularly stalls or even reverses in other sectors. It is a trend of waxing and waning; not one of constant upward movement.

British women are better educated than ever before. They are attending university in ever increasing numbers and achieve better degree results than men . Intelligent, competent women are flooding the junior ranks of law firms, accountancies and medical practices" Follow this link to find out more

If you are looking for Equalities Training Services  follow this link and make sure your organisation is up to date with it's training.  

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