Monday, 25 February 2013

Equal opportunities update

The Equality and Human Rights Commission has published new guidance to help employers and employees deal with the expression of religion or belief at work.

The guidance follows the European Court of Human Rights judgment in four cases about religious rights in the workplace, one of which found that an employee suffered a breach of her right to religious freedom for being told not to wear a cross at work.

The Commission has therefore produced straightforward, expert guidance to clarify the law.

Religion or belief in the workplace: a guide for employers following recent European Court of Human Rights judgments - Employer Guidance Here  Legal Explanation Here

Meanwhile on 1st October 2012, new provisions in the Equality Act 2010 come into force, extending the ban on age discrimination to cover services, public functions and private clubs and associations - with some notable exceptions. Direct and indirect age discrimination, harassment and victimisation will be unlawful when providing services and when carrying out public functions. It is irrelevant whether a service is provided by the private, public or voluntary sector, and whether it’s for payment or free of charge. More Here

If your organisation is looking for training for your employees on The Equality Act 2010 we would like to help.

jml Training has a course that will cover:

The law covering all the protected characteristics and what behaviour is and is not acceptable.

Identify what stays the same, the changes, extensions and new introductions for example:

Changes to the definitions of discrimination

Harassment and third party harassment and its extension to the other protected characteristics

Victimisation changes

The risk of ignoring or seeming to approve inappropriate behaviour and personal liability.

How discrimination can affect the way an employer functions and the impact that generalisations, stereotypes, bias, inappropriate language in day-to-day operations can have on people's chances of obtaining work, promotion, recognition and respect.

What to do if staff experience harassment or discrimination

Taking a responsible approach as an employee

Find out more Here
There has never been a better time to invest in your organisation's future than investing in training now

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