Monday, 20 January 2014

Forget the gym professional training will keep you ahead of the game in 2014

The February 14 edition of "The Negotiator" arrived in the post last Saturday.

The Headline "Fit for the Job? Forget the gym, professional training will keep you ahead of the game in 2014" caught my attention.

Moving swiftly inside the magazine I came across the article. Naturally being a lettings agent and estate agent's publication it is geared to that market however the objectives are the same no matter what business you are involved in.

The majority of topics covered apply to all - Professional Knowledge - Efficiency and Standards - Cost  Implications - Return on Investment - Greater Earning Potential - Competitive Edge and Quality Assurance.

If you are wanting to get more from your staff in 2014 and everyone needs to keep up standards and develop learning skills, or you are a member of an organisation that could do with more training, then this is the time to plan ahead.

jml Training Consultancy does not hold open courses, but designs bespoke in house courses for organisations. Courses can be a one off course, a series of courses or a complete development programme over many months.

Keys areas are Leadership, Coaching, Team Building, Diversity and Equality and International Training Services.

The company has been delivering training services since 1997 and during that time have provided training services for  Government Ministers, Government Departments, NHS Trusts, Housing Associations, Local Authorities, establishments in the University and College sector Corporations and smaller companies.

Size does not Count: It does not matter what size the organisation is, to stay ahead of the competitors or purely to achieve greater goals in the present workplace it is essential to keep training up to date and be fit for the job. Find out more about jml Training Consultancy Here 

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