Tuesday, 25 February 2014

New Diversity and Inclusion website launched by jml Training Consultancy

Following on from the launch of the re-designed jml Leadership Training Consultancy website earlier this month (See the jml training blog here) a brand new new specialist Diversity and Inclusion site has just been launched.
This brand new site covers Diversity and Inclusion training. A subject that is certainly not new to jml Training Consultancy.

The company has been offering  diversity and inclusion services since 1997 in the UK.
During that time in-house training courses have been produced for numerous clients including Housing Associations, Colleges and Universities, District and County Councils, National Government Departments, NHS Health Authorities and in the last couple of months HM Government Ministers, MPs, Members of the House of Lords and Members of the European Parliament.

Full Press Release is here

The new jml Diversity and Inclusion website has been designed at the training company wants to encourage organisations to take a more holistic approach to diversity, to see beyond the differences and concentrate much more on the process of inclusivity. To this end it has revamped its website to make this process easier to navigate.

Most organisations will have diversity and inclusion  issues and jml Diversity and Inclusion Training Consultancy is well equipped for training in this area . This ensures that this subject stays as a key organisational priority and does not get squeezed by other demands and requirements to one side.

Find out more about Diversity and Inclusion by visiting the new site here


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