Saturday, 29 November 2008

Diagnostic Assessment Training

Diagnostic Assessment Training from the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is now available from jml Training and Consultancy. Earlier in 2007 Director GrĂ¡inne Suter MA BSc. (Hons), qualified in this field.

Diagnostic Assessment Training can help people grow professionally and help organisations be more effective. Diagnostic Assessment Training is a particularly useful instrument when you wish to get team to work together more effectively; this can be a newly forming team or one that is facing the challenges of change.

It can also be used in the context of one to one coaching. It is an excellent starting point for someone wishing to increase their level of self-awareness. Diagnostic Assessment Training can help individuals and teams to recognize how differences between people can be used constructively rather than being a point of irritation or even conflict.

The instrument is a self-report questionnaire, followed by feedback. It explores the differences in people that result from the following:

  • Where they prefer to focus their attention and get energy
  • How they prefer to take in information
  • How they prefer to make decisions
  • How they deal with the outside world It can be used in a range of different ways:
  • Increasing self-understanding and development
  • Career development and exploration
  • Organisation development
  • Team building
  • Management and leadership training
  • Training in diversity

Jml Training and Consultancy was established in 1997 by international trainer GrĂ¡inne Suter. It specialises in in-house Management training designed for the individual client. One to one coaching, Local Government training, Diagnostic Assessment, Training and Development for Women and Diversity training are some of the areas covered. The company provides customised training services in the UK and Ireland for the corporate and private sector and around the world.

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