Saturday, 29 November 2008

Increasing your effectiveness at work by using your Emotion

Increasing your effectiveness at work by using your Emotional Intelligence June 2008– CIPD Chiltern Branch held a very successful meeting in Gerrards Cross on the 16th June. Delegates had enjoyed the evening so much and have suggested a follow-up session in the very near future.

CIPD (The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) professionals gained an insight into the role of Emotional Intelligence in the workplace when they attended a recent Branch meeting. At the June meeting of the CIPD Chiltern Branch Gráinne Suter and Irene Clarke from jml Training and Consultancy presented a taster session on the value of Emotional Intelligence within organisations.

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is defined as the ability to understand our own emotions and those of our colleagues. Tuning into emotions and understanding their impact on all aspects of our working life enables us to maximize individual, team and organisational performance. EI is now widely recognized as a core part of a leader or manager's development and is a key indicator in predicting the success of effective managers.

The jml Training Team demonstrated how to build Emotional Intelligence into a range of leadership and team development training. They invited the audience to complete an Emotional Intelligence Web sheet and then to explore a range of techniques to improve self-awareness and self-management, cornerstones of EI.

EI can improve relationships at work as it cuts out the petty jealousies and politics that get in the way of co-operation at work. A team using their Emotional Intelligence is more likely to collaborate, build bonds to other teams and have the honest conversations necessary to achieve it's organisational objectives.

The CIPD Chiltern Branch members were keen and lively participators in the session describing it as 'interesting and rewarding'. Many of the delegates had enjoyed the evening so much that on the evaluation form there were suggestions for a follow-up session with the jml Training and Consultancy team in the future.

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development is the United Kingdom's leading professional body for those involved in the management and development. They have 130,000 individual members and their objectives are to lead in the development and promotion of good practice in the field of the management and development of people, for application both by professional members and by their organisational colleagues.

More information about jml Training

jml Training is a specialist training company offering "in-house" training courses to local government. councils, companies - both small & multi-national. It has been established over ten years and apart from providing training services in the UK, its' trainers also train in France, Ireland & worldwide. Specialist areas include Training development for women, Diversity and Inclusion, customer service training, Diagnostic Assessment, Leadership and Team building & Management Development Programmes

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