Saturday, 29 November 2008

Stress - Don't let it get to you!

Advice from jml Training National Stress Awareness Day was marked on the 7th November 2007 an important day for employers and employees. The days in November are getting shorter and many people become stressed over the move into winter and the pressures of Christmas that is not long away. Organisations have to ensure that coming to work is a positive experience as business target need to be met.
Another National Stress Awareness Day being marked on the 7th November. It comes at a timely part of the year when the days are getting shorter and darker and people are getting more anxious in the build up to Christmas.
Work related stress compounds this as the year progresses and targets are looming or even not being met!
Joint CIPD/Health and Safety Executive research shows that a manager's behaviour can have a major impact on employees' stress levels affecting the well-being of employees and organisational performance. And, with over 5 million employees in the UK reporting that they feel extremely stressed at work, this is an increasing problem for all organisations.
Organisations and their managers can help to make coming to work a positive and energising experience for their staff says Gráinne Suter from jml Training.

Many of the management competencies for reducing stress at work require good communication and work relationships that are empowering and develop trust. The benefits of praise when things are going well or constructive feedback if improvement in a work role is necessary should never be underestimated.
'However, it's not all a one-way process' says Gráinne 'if employees also recognised their ability to positively influence the work culture stress at work could be significantly reduced. We find that teams who can talk to one another can deal with the most amazing challenges without getting stressed. Their secret is simple - they have a high level of self-awareness and understand how their emotions can impact on other team members. So sharing the challenges and developing a co-operative style comes naturally as a result'
'We hope that the awareness raised on National Stress Awareness Day does not disappear without trace', says Gráinne 'but that everyone plays their part to help make their company healthy'.

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