Sunday, 30 November 2008

Management Tips

Understand the demands of your manager's role, see it from their perspective.

Identify the personal 'added value' they contribute.

Understand the differences between you and then ensure you compliment one another - play to each other's strengths.

Be pro-active with your ideas and show your manager you can deliver tailored solutions to a problem.

Manage change - see it as opportunity and be the first to explore what you can do.

Review your performance with your manager regularly to ensure you are on track.

Let your manager know your career goals.

Develop your Emotional Intelligence. It is a feature of senior management that people with good interpersonal skills rise through the ranks more quickly than someone with little self-awareness and awareness of their impact on others.

Develop a sense of humour about yourself as a part of your growing Emotional Intelligence!

Top sportsman and woman train every day to stay ahead. Don't get complacent about your skills. It is too easy to lose your competitive edge.

Regularly undertake a personal skills audit, if you are not increasing your skills base do something about it.

Get some honest feedback about your presentation skills; how influential and persuasive are you? Do people listen and take heed of what you have to say?

Get used to change by challenging your self with changes that place you outside your comfort zone.

See mistakes as a learning opportunity, and ensure that learning informs your future work practice.

Learn to think on your feet. Here are some ideas to help you.

  • Remember, you don't have to give an instant response
  • Use active listening skills
  • Ask open questions to encourage the other person to speak
  • Wait until the other person has finished making their point before you speak
  • Gain time by reflecting back "so what you are saying is.."

Find a mentor. Being mentored:

  • Builds confidence
  • Offers a non-judgemental relationship
  • Develops problem solving abilities o Widens your networks of contacts

Use the skills of an Executive Coach as part of your development. It will increase your confidence and generally improve your performance

Support and develop your staff. A confident and effective team can only reflect well on you.

Lift your eyes up from day to day detail. Look ahead, lift you eyes above their immediate horizons, and look around corners.

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