Saturday, 29 November 2008

Training Services in Ireland from jml Training

After ten years in business, jml Training headed by Dublin born Gráinne Suter can offer in house designed training courses for the Irish market.. Ireland has become one of Europe's multi cultural countries and with the influx of overseas workers and the growth of business, the importance of receiving reliable training programmes is paramount.
jml Training is now able to offer their "in house" training services to companies and organisations in Ireland. The country has grown from economic strength to strength over the past ten years and with this the need for specialist training to keep staff motivated and the organisation's performance strong.
jml Training and Consultancy was established in 1997 by Dublin born Gráinne Suter. It specialises in in-house Management training designed for the individual client. Management development programmes, One to one coaching, Local Government training, Diagnostic Assessment, Training and Development for Women and Diversity and bullying at work training are some of the areas covered.
The company provides customised training services in the UK Ireland for the corporate and private sector and around the world.
jml Training employs specialist training consultants who deliver training courses in their specialised areas. The company designs training programmes to suit the needs of the individual client whether it is a small programme or a large one. Some courses are designed to last one or two days, others like a Management development programme will continue over several months.
Earlier this year The Institute of Leadership and Management ( ILM ) granted development award status to four of the jml Training in-house management development programmes.
jml Training has been established over ten years and the company has acted on behalf of clients in Europe and Africa. Gráinne has personally trained in many European and African Countries from Russia to Malawi and is a registered trainer with the British Council.

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